The Top Five Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Training


Fire Extinguisher Training Ads

Fire Extinguisher Training Ads

All employers naturally have a responsibility for the Health and Safety of their teams. Fire extinguisher training not only helps you to fulfil your role as a responsible employer, it also brings a number of additional benefits to any workplace. The following run-down overviews a small number of the key advantages to providing adequate fire safety training for your staff.


It may seem obvious, but the primary benefit in providing fire extinguisher training for your employees is a substantial increase in the effectiveness of any fire fighting that occurs within the workplace. Using a fire extinguisher to tackle a fire involves a number of key skills, which any good fire extinguisher training course will cover. Such training courses also cover the situations in which employees should not attempt to tackle fires, ensuring they act in a way that prioritises the safety of themselves and others.


Creating an atmosphere in which employees are confident in their abilities to assess and fight fires has a positive knock on effect throughout your team of staff. An effective fire extinguisher training program will be thorough enough to instil trained employees with a sense of assertiveness in tackling any potential fires that may arise. Providing ample Health and Safety training courses in general gives the whole team an understanding that they are valued as employees, producing a healthy, productive working environment for everyone.

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Reduction in Risk

Training people with the skills to assess fire risks and to act quickly can result not only in a reduction in the risk to employees, but also the risk to your business. Knowing how and when to use a fire extinguisher puts your business in a much better position to secure itself against the property losses and business interruptions that a fire breaking out can cause.

Fire Fighting

Fire extinguisher training equips people with the ability to understand fires. Knowing how best to approach a fire using an extinguisher can be a vital element in successfully tackling it quickly and effectively. As well all know, speed is everything with fires, so this is a real benefit of training. Of course fire extinguisher training will necessarily teach students the physical skills in operating the extinguishers they’ll find to hand in the event of a fire, so they won’t have to waste time working anything out at the last minute.

Fire Types

Fire is really a complicated business, so your company’s approach to managing fire safety needs to be tailored to the types of fire that are likely to occur within your particular environment. The range of fire extinguishers you have within your workplace should also be suited to the working practices, as there are different options for tackling kitchen fires, electrical fires and other fires involving chemicals. If you operate an industrial workplace, the need for fire extinguisher training is even more essential. A good fire extinguisher training program will cover using the various extinguisher types available, as these sometimes require slight differences in operation.

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