General Fire Safety Training


Fire Extinguisher Training Ads

Fire Extinguisher Training Ads

General Fire Safety Training

All members of staff in your business or place of work should take part in basic fire safety training. This training may be carried out when a new member of staff joins your place of work, or even for staff members that just want to sit the course. Even if you have taken part in a fire safety training course before there are plenty of opportunities to sit a refresher on your chosen subject. This keeps all members of staff knowledge of fire safety fresh in there mind and most importantly keeps them safe.

You also need to inform all new and old employees as to what type of fire action plan you have in place. So this includes where all your fire extinguishers are located in the building, where all the fire exits are and of course how to operate the fire alarms.

The training should be related to your premises and the type of business you operate within the premises. If you have a fire risk assessment carried out in your place of work, the best thing to do once the report has been completed is to go and sit down with your members of staff to go through what the fire risk assessment has found. The report will highlight anything from blocked fire exits to extension leads overload, basically anything that could start a fire or obstruct you in escaping a fire.

With this in mind all members of staff whether they are new to the company or not “should” have some form of understanding when it comes to fire safety. This can include;

* Preventing a fire by following safe practice measures.
* The correct use of fire doors
* Using fire extinguishers safely.
* Knowing where to go in an event of a fire.
* Where are the emergency exits.
* How to raise the alarm correctly.
* Safely helping members of staff who may be disabled out of the building.

A lot of employers may think that Fire Training is not that vital, but we can tell you it is! Training is essential and the example scenarios below may help you:

* If a new member of staff joins it should be one of the first things to go through.
* Any changes to your emergency evacuation plans must be shared with everyone! So for example if you building has been extended or the layout has been changed this must be included in the updated report.
* If member of staff leaves and he/she was your fire warden, people must also be informed about this change and who has been appointed as the new one.

Having the relevant fire safety training is vital and is of course very important. There are lots of training courses available from fire extinguisher training to fire warden and fire risk assessment training.
Once these courses have been taken and staff members have passed the training course this can then be placed into you health and safety manual, for the relevant authorities to check if required.

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