Fire Safety in the Kitchen


Fire Extinguisher Training Ads

Fire Extinguisher Training Ads

It goes without saying that the kitchen is the most dangerous part of the home from the point of view of fire. Kitchen fires are by far the most common, and cause huge numbers of unnecessary deaths as well as injuries each year. By taking note of a few simple fire safety tips however, you can minimise the risks of fire and equip yourself with the ability to handle one effectively if it does break out.


There are a few general tips that can reduce the likelihood of fire breaking out in your kitchen. Making sure you stay in the kitchen while you are cooking is a simple but effective practise. Keeping pot handles turned in towards worktops rather than sticking out where they may be bumped is another tried and tested technique. Making sure you don’t have flammable materials such as papers or textiles stored next to your cooking equipment is also vital to prevent them from catching fire.

If you have ventilation systems such as extractor fans and cooker hoods in your kitchen, it’s essential to make sure they are kept maintained and in good condition, otherwise they may become ineffective.

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If fire breaks out

In many cases, the best course of action when a fire breaks out is to phone the emergency services straight away and get everyone outside. However, if you have been trained in fire safety, there may be occasions when you can take certain steps to fight a fire in your kitchen, particularly if it is a small one. Kitchen fires can have varied causes and require tackling in specific ways, so if you’re unsure, just focus on getting everyone to a safe location and leave it to the fire brigade.


Many people don’t think to purchase fire safety equipment for kitchens, particularly in the home, but this can genuinely make a life-saving difference if fire does occur. As well as making sure you have fire alarms and smoke detectors installed by professionals so that they are positioned correctly, you can also consider additional products such as fire blankets and fire extinguishers.

If you are planning to keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, it really is important to make sure you know how to use it properly by getting yourself trained. Having an understanding of the different types of fire is also key. For example, if a fat fire breaks out in your kitchen, or perhaps an electrical one, it is not a good idea to use either water or a water based fire extinguisher on it, as this may only exacerbate the situation.

Having a quality fire extinguisher in your kitchen is a good value way to protect yourself, your family and your home from the serious risks of fire, some of which you simply cannot eliminate. A small domestic fire extinguisher is typically easy to use and effective when used correctly, putting a quick stop to any fires that break out and preventing them from spreading around your home.

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