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Asking your boss to allow you to sit a fire extinguisher training course is a great idea not only for you as an individual but also your company will benefit hugely! These points alone should hopefully be enough to convince your boss. In the UK fire training is a vital part of the health and safety and such courses are mandatory. Fire extinguisher training can be one of those daunting courses so here is a quick list of things you need to know:

There are many different types of fire extinguishers that may be found in your place of work or office building. They used to be easily defined by different colours but they have been recently changed to all the same colour. There are of course still labels to define what type of and what the fire extinguisher contains.

Operating a Fire extinguisher

If you have ever thought how to operate a fire extinguishers below you will find a short “How to guide” that will give you a basic guide.
There are only really 4 main actions to perform in order to correctly operate a fire extinguisher. Don’t worry there not as complicated as they may seem!

Pulling The Pin: These plastic pins are usually yellow or white and by pulling this pin you are breaking a safety seal, that stops the handle from being depressed and blasting water all over the place! They also act as a great way to check if the fire extinguishers has been tampered with in anyway.

Take Aim: Without endangering yourself in anyway get as close to the fire as you can. Do not get so close that you end up getting injured. Fire extinguishers are there to prevent injury not cause it. Once you are at a safe distance aim the end of the nozzle to the base of the fire.
Squeeze the handle: Squeezing both parts of the handle together will then release the water, foam, CO2 etc out of the cylinder. To stop the flow immediately release the two handles.

Move from left to right: Move the nozzle of the fire extinguishers from left to right still pointing at the base of the fire, and keep squeezing the handles down until the fire extinguishers is completely empty.

One key point to remember which was not mentioned in the above points is to test the fire extinguishers to make sure it works correctly before approaching the fire. If you get up to the fire and the extinguishers does not work because it is faulty the consequences could be disastrous. Just squeeze the handles together just once to check.
If the fire you have decided to tackle is still going strong after the use of one fire extinguishers, do not attempt to grab another one and try again, as the fire may be to large to contain.

When using a fire extinguisher a lot of people do not realise that they do require a bit of effort to pick up and move around so make sure you go careful when lifting a fire extinguisher. The handles that have to be squeezed together to allow the flow of the fire extinguisher contents out also require a bit of pressure from you.

One final point is to make sure you know which type of fire extinguisher is required for the class of fire. The worst possible outcome would be to use a fire extinguisher that contains water on a electrical fire. Not only would this not have any effect in extinguishing the fire, but it may also cause injury to yourself! So it is vital that you check the type of fire extinguisher you pick up. I know its easier said then done, but it is so important!


All of these factors will be of course coved within a fire extinguisher training course so don’t worry to much.

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