Fire safety training Courses


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If you are interested  in fire extinguisher training then you may also be interested in some other courses that training companies may provide.
fireawareness 300x300 Fire safety training Courses

Basic fire awareness training can be held in one day or half a day depending on subject covered.The main objective of the basic fire safety awareness course is to highlight the dangers and what to do in case of a fire.
Some basic course subjects include:

  • The appropriate action to take on discovering a fire
  • Raising the alarm
  • Reacting correctly to a fire alarm
  • Responsibilities for individuals
  • Location of extinguishers and escape routes in your building
  • Dealing with staff members and safe evacuation of disabled people.


A fire warden or as sometimes known a “fire marshal” is taken up by an individual or a few members of staff who are designated as being in charge if a building goes into fire.Its also the duty of the fire warden to carry out weekly fire alarm tests and making sure fire exits are not blocked etc.  So as you can imagine it’s a really important role.
The fire warden training course covers the following;

  • Responsibilities and the duties involved in the role as a Fire Warden
  • The correct and orderly evacuation of your place of work in fire emergency situation.
  • Fire Alarm Systems

It is a great course and all training consultants who provide fire extinguisher training will also provide the two courses above.