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Fire Extinguisher Training Ads

Fire Extinguisher Training Ads

Fire Safety

Fire safety is very important in every work place though out the UK and because of this it is mandatory for a group or individuals to have been on a  fire safety training course. Fire extinguisher training courses are the best way to get to grips with using a fire extinguisher and tackling a fire correctly. A fire extinguisher  training course will also give you the confidence to tackle many different types of small fires, from electrical to paper fires. Fire extinguisher  training courses will also include related seminars to the subject of fire safety such as the safe evacuation of a building.
Fire extinguisher training will also go into great detail about the different types of fire extinguisher, and using the correct extinguisher  for the type of fire.

Many of you may not be aware that there are different types or class of fire that may occur within your building. These classes of fire A, B,C and D. The reason fires are placed into classes is due to the type of material the fire is being fuelled with. As mentioned above these categories of fire must be dealt with the correct fire extinguisher.
If the wrong type of fire extinguisher  is used to tackle a fire, the consequences could be disastrous! All of this will be covered in the course.
We will now take you through some of the different classes of fire to give some understanding as to what to expect.

Different classes of fire

Class A fires are fuelled by everyday material such as wood, clothing, plastics, and paper. Any fire that is fuelled by any of these material is classed as a Class A fires. Your course instructor will of course inform you that the best fire extinguisher  to use in such a fire will be a water extinguisher.

Class B fires are caused by very flammable liquids like petrol, gas and any other flammable chemicals. This may not be that common in your common work place, but within engineering businesses, manufacturing  factories or car repair garages they are dealing with this type of material all the time. In the worse case scenario a Class B fire will not be controlled by water and may make the fire worse! So it is highly recommend that a CO2 fire extinguisher is used on such things as petrol or oil.

Class C usually come in the form of electrical fires, caused by faulty wiring or faulty electrical products. With electrical fires the fire is fuelled by the electricity itself, sometimes making in possible to control if the supply is not found quickly! Fires in the category are usually tackled using fire extinguishers that contain a dry powder solution.

Class D is the final class of fire type and is the most uncommon class of fire. Class D fires are rare because they are usually started by flammable or combustible metals such as magnesium. This type of fire is very dangerous, not only because it is rare, but the extinguishing method to put this type of fire out is also quite specialized.

We hope you have found these fire extinguisher training tips useful, and have given you some insight into the a extinguisher training course. Your fire extinguisher training provider will of course go into greater detail of the different classes of fire.

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