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Fire Extinguisher Training Ads

Fire Extinguisher Training Ads

Fire extinguisher training

Fire extinguisher training in the UK is a legal requirement in the which is enforced under the Fire Safety Order 2005. Further more this order is also enforced by the UK fire service and requires at least one individual to become the “responsible person” for the safety of all the other employees and the premises encase of a fire. These individuals are given tasks to carry out by law, these may include:

  • Maintaining the buildings fire alarm on a daily basis, and other pieces of equipment that may be used to help gain a safe evacuation of a building, including Emergency Lights.
  • To help control and prevent the spread fire throughout the building and other near by buildings.
  • Ensuring that all members of staff, who wish to be involved in tackling or preventing a fire no how to do so. This may require you to organise further outside training form a consultant.
  • You may not wish to designate yourself as a fire warden, so you may have to appoint one to ensure safe evacuation of your building and take charge of the situation.

The main duty of the designated responsible person if a fire ever does occur is not only to act calm when everyone around you may be panicking, to also ensure that in event of a fire everyone gets out of the building quickly and safely. For obvious reasons avoiding injury is paramount and if you feel comfortable after taking a fire extinguisher training course to tackle a small fire, then do so! Seconds count in a real life situation.

Fire extinguisher training is one of the best courses for yourself and you members of staff to go on. Most of the fire extinguisher training courses include live demonstrations of different types of fire extinguishers, which you will be able to use. The fire demonstrations will of course be relevant to your building at the type of fire that may occur in your premises. As im sure aware there is no point training to tackle a chemical fire if you work in a office.
The vast  majority of all fire extinguisher training courses will go into great detail of the different class of fires, types of fuel for fire and types of fire extinguishers used in putting out the fire, and a little bit of theory.
As stated above, most businesses in the UK have a designated individual who acts as their fire warden. Unfortunately fire warden training is not covered with fire extinguisher training, which does involve you carrying out additional training.

The fire extinguisher training course will allow members of staff  to correctly identify different types of fire extinguishers and the best positions in the building to place a fire extinguisher. The training consultant will go through all of the information you need to know! Including what to look for to make sure your Fire extinguisher is working correctly, and is in good working order.
Attending a fire extinguisher training course may also bring to light some things you may not have know before enrolling onto the course. These may include potential risks you may have not thought of that relate to your work place. Such as do you know where all your escape routes are? Do you know how to raise the alarm in the event of a fire. All these things will be covered in a fire training course. It doesn’t matter if you’ve attend the course before, refreshing your mind when it comes to fire safety is never a waste of time.

Fire extinguisher training is ideal for anyone who wishes to enhance their health and safety at work knowledge. With lots of great companies up an down the country providing Fire extinguisher training, finding one near you sound not be to difficult.
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