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Welcome to FireExtingusherTraining.org.uk We provide a list of some of the best providers of fire extinguisher training in the UK. Please feel free to follow the links to some of the training providers listed on this website, in locations around the UK.

Fire extinguishers are of course designed to carry one purpose and that is of course to put small fires out, quickly and safely.  The vast majority of us work within large buildings or office blocks, which more than likely have a fire extinguisher of every level, or on every corner.

Fire extinguisher training courses are a legal requirement in the UK under the Fire Safety Order 2005. Fire extinguisher training  is one of those courses where at least one person in your building or office has been on.

Here at Fire extinguisher training we will help understand the importance and help you find a quality fire extinguisher training consultancy near you.Fire extinguisher Training can also be quite enjoyable, thrilling,  interesting, and more importantly meets the requirements of delegates, businesses and current UK legislation.

Fire extinguisher training should be taken very seriously, and fitting it around your busy working schedules can be difficult. Fire extinguisher training does involve both a little bit of theory and of course a practical assessment which is more fun!

To the left hand side is an excellent video produced by Subcomone which explains some of the most fundamental subjects covered in a training course.

There are usually several companies in one area that provide this service and offer fire training. Sometimes even your local fire department will put on demonstrations to highlight the importance of fire safety.

The vast majority of people just assume they can use a fire extinguisher and have no need to go on a “course” to learn how to use one. But a lot of people do no realise the dangers of using the wrong type of extinguisher and how to tackle a fire correctly. Some of the worst fires in this country have started from just a small electrical fire and have gutted entire buildings, destroyed businesses and in the worst case destroyed lives.

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So spending a day on a fire extinguisher course is one of the best things you as an employee can enrole on, as the skills learnt could save your life.

Fire Safety Facts:

It is a legal requirement for all UK employers in the United Kingdom to ensure that their staff have undertaken some form appropriate fire safety training. This also includes having a trained, permanent member of staff who is then appointed as a fire marshal for your premises. Here at Fire Extinguisher Training we provide some of the best fire safety training providers from up and down the UK. All of these provider cover courses from the basics of fire safety courses to advanced training courses.

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